How to stay motivated while studying online
by Posted 23 October, 2020

Postgraduate study allows you to enter employment with additional skills and knowledge. By now you are aware of the expectations of your course.

Many hours of reading, dedicated research and study lie ahead. The challenge is to stay focused, motivated and enthusiastic about your subject. Applying yourself to the task from a remote location also requires discipline and good planning. We will discuss 3 areas of the structure to assist you to maintain focus. 


Your technology needs must be properly cared for. 

  1. Hardware: Ensure that your computing device has good processing power. Adequate storage is imperative for research material to be saved and accessed effectively. 
  2. Connectivity: Not only do you need a good internet connection, but enough data to allow you to be online without disruptions. For video conferencing session you will need a good onboard camera and sound. 


Search out those who have the same subject focus. This could be at your university or elsewhere in the world. Research and communication become vital. You need to build a network of human resources from which you can feed or support. Establish forums and chat groups that will expand your available resources. Videoconferencing and remote recording sessions allow you to be assisted by your peers.   


We have teams of counsellors to offer guidance whenever you need additional support. Your university will also have a network of instructional human resources. Stay close to supervisor and coaches. This will enable you to monitor your time table closely.


Many students all over the world are now getting their education in a different kind of “classroom”—their home. If that’s true of you, how can you make the best of it? Here are some suggestions. 

Plan your routine. Create Plan your work and work your plan. Create a good realistic schedule.

Cultivate self-discipline. Procrastination is the thief of time; indecision is its main accomplice. 

Diligently complete assignments and submit timeously.

Create a study space. Make your learning environment comfortable, but not cosy. Remove anything that will disrupt your concentration. If your environment is noisy, invest in a good set of head or earphones.

Learn to focus. Concentrate on the subject at hand, and don’t try to multitask.

Take breaks. Physical activity or a hobby can refresh you.

Take courage and stay motivated,  Right Shift will be your guide throughout the process until you complete your course.