Part Time Jobs in UK
by admin Posted 16 March, 2022

Having a part time job in UK is extremely popular among international students. Firstly, because living a study abroad dream comes with high cost and gives a huge burden. Additionally, having some extra cash can help students to pay for some additional loans and living expenses. Not only this, but a part time job in UK can also help students to enhance their professional and practical skills.

UK is a top three study abroad destination and the average cost of studying in the UK for Indian students is around 15,00,000-40,00,000 INR depending on your program and level of study. The cost of living in UK also varies depending on your location in the UK and your lifestyle. Uk allows international students on a Tier 4 student visa to work for 20 hours during course time. However, several top universities recommend students to work 15 hours per week to maintain work-study balance.

When looking for part time jobs in the UK, make sure you do not compromise with your studies at any cost. Working late after attending classes, running behind schedule, missing classes will eventually make your life in the UK stressful. As an international student, initially the study pressure on you will also be more as you will need time to adapt to the UK Education system. It is recommended that you look for jobs within close vicinity to the campus. Part time jobs not only help you to manage your budget but also provide experience, management skills, networking opportunities and skill building.

Part Time Jobs in UK: Permitted Work Hours

All international students require a Tier 4 Student Visa to pursue further or higher education in the UK. With a student visa, an international student can study and participate in part time jobs in the UK under restricted hours. The hours of work depend upon what course you are pursuing and whether you are working during course time or holidays. The eligibility criteria for part time Jobs in UK for international students are listed below:

  • Work for 20 hours per week during course time if you are enrolled in a full-time degree program.
  • During holidays, students are allowed to work for 40 hours per week.
  • Students enrolled in foundation level programs are only allowed to work for 10 hours per week.

On-campus Part Time Jobs in UK for International Students

There may be internal positions on campus that international students could fill. These positions usually arise in libraries, cafeteria, admissions office, bookstore, campus tour guide, etc. By working on campus, students can also save the time and money spent on travelling. However, on-campus jobs for international students are limited and cannot be relied upon. The general eligibility criteria applies for students seeking part time jobs on campus:

  • Students enrolled in full-time degrees such as bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. programs are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week during the study period.
  • Full-time degree students can work full-time during holidays.
  • Working for only 10 hours per week is permitted for students who are enrolled in language programs or foundation level courses.
  • Part-time program students are not eligible to apply for part time jobs on campus.

Off-campus Jobs for International Students

There are several off-campus jobs for international students in the UK. Some of the highest paying jobs are available in the Marketing, Education, Administration, Health and Social Service sectors. International students can start looking for off-campus jobs closer to the university. It is easy for international students to find jobs to work as assistants, helper, receptionist, cashier, waiters, delivery staff, babysitter, caretaker, etc. Retail outlets are one of the major sources of employment for students seeking part time jobs in UK for international students.

However, there are some restrictions for international students seeking part time jobs off-campus. These rules must be adhered to since failure to comply with any of these might lead to the cancellation of your UK student Visa and even deportation.