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by Posted 24 June, 2020

If you are thinking about studying in the UK, you need to know that all master's degrees include two programmes: taught and research. The level of independence you would prefer to have will determine the difference between these programmes during your studies.


Taught master's degrees are course-based, which means that during the year you are required to complete a series of modules or courses consisting of a timetable of class discussions, lectures, and other activities. Lecturers and academics will lead you through the course, but it is your responsibility to focus your attention on thorough study and reading around the subjects. There will be assessments throughout the year through assignments, examinations, and tests. Finally, you will submit a written thesis, usually between 10,000-20,000 words towards the end of the course.


Research master's degrees are independent, which means that you will have no timetable, no classes, and no tests. The focus of your programme will be to explore a topic in-depth through intense research. You will spend the full year researching one or more themes or subjects as pre-agreed by your expert supervisor, with whom you will work closely. They will give support, offer advice, and provide feedback throughout the year. The research will involve critical investigation and evaluation of the subject and will require that you analyse your results and formulate a research proposal or thesis. An oral examination will usually follow this.


There are pros and cons to each of the offered programmes, but a master's degree will allow you to further your knowledge of a subject and move you into a specific career direction. Right Shift will be able to provide you with the necessary support in terms of deciding which programme is best suited to you. 

by Posted 24 June, 2020

Universities and colleges in the UK offer a lot of options for international students to pursue higher learning qualifications. Providing an environment that has a diversified cultural experience, the UK also offers a wide range of high-ranking institutions for both full-time and part-time study.

Indians make up the largest ethnic minority group living in the UK. With the majority residing in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Glasgow particularly. Most of the top colleges can be found in London, closely followed by Cambridge, Oxford, and Manchester as hotspots.

The types of institutions you have to choose from

Only institutions that provide full-time courses to over 4000 students, of whom 3000 are registered on degree-level courses, may classify themselves as a university in the UK.  At these, you’ll find a plethora of degrees and certificates that serve a number of purposes for different students, including bridging the gap between phases of academic study. Consider all of your academic needs and research an institution that caters to them specifically. Even when you feel that your requirements are unique, you may be surprised by how many colleges, universities, or university colleges that offer just what you need.

The very basic requirements to consider

Although it may vary according to the course you choose, Indian students applying to study in the UK need to meet a minimum language requirement. If you would like to select a course within the humanities stream in class XII, your academic record needs to average a pass rate of 65% and above and 70-80% and above for Science/Commerce stream in class XII. These are only the standard requirements and they may vary with each institution.

You don’t have to stress about settling in

Orientation week events are compulsory for international students at every campus, so it’s important to arrive before it starts. This is when you get introduced to the university or college’s services and enroll for classes. It’s also an opportune time to make some friends before having to navigate academics.


by Posted 19 June, 2020

Studying a master’s degree in the UK allows for the development of a valuable relationship between students and tutors that is key to developing your network. It will add to your advancement within the professional world. With a master’s degree, you will be eligible to apply for positions that require a more advanced skill set; one you will have once completing your degree. 


Most attractive postgraduate programmes

Many organisations calculate the best programmes based on the demand for graduates and highest-paid positions. Degrees that contribute to a more influential profession includes Computer Science, Health Science, Information Technology, Engineering, Business Administration, Finance and Human Resources. These degrees will open a more comprehensive range of opportunities to equip you with the knowledge to reach the next level.


Career development

Completing a master’s degree will help students improve as a researcher, with a unique skill of analysing data. Your ability to write will improve, and in some, a creative side will be born. Being able to solve complex problems and tackle significant projects will be valuable within a working environment. By earning a master’s degree, students will have a wealth of knowledge, enabling them to formulate a life of everlasting learning.

It is a significant investment and will offer the best steps for your future to grow with knowledge and better skill sets.


Don’t follow, be a leader

You can do anything with your master’s degree as long as you have a passion, and you focus on your goals to succeed. It is effortless to follow others, but people who want to be great won’t follow, they will be used to lead others. 


Get started

Don’t wait; the doors are open for you to make your dream come true. 

It is important to feel happy and fulfilled in your programme.

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