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by Posted 24 June, 2020

How Can an MBA Support My Career?

A Master of Business Administration is a very sought-after master's degree. What makes it so influential? An MBA is widely accepted by employers and opens doors to future advancement and promotional opportunities across the world.

Why an MBA Is Brilliant for Your Career

As an Indian citizen, one of the best reasons to get an MBA is that you become more marketable to employers. A wide variety of industries hire people with MBAs. From tech companies to financial planning practices.

If you acquire an MBA, you can immediately start in mid-level management or executive position. Companies would much prefer to hire someone with an MBA because MBA graduates are usually better educated and positioned for positions in problem-solving, strategic thinking, and ambiguity management.

Types of MBAs


If you have ambitious goals, this is a versatile degree that can be used across many industries. Those with a strategy MBA degree can become executives, analysts, entrepreneurs, and supervisors.


Learn about allocating resources, solving problems, and working with people on various projects.


Master supply chain management and logistics. An operations MBA includes production, manufacturing, and managing company resources.


Learn about strategy, business ethics, social responsibility, and problem-solving to set yourself up to start a business one day.

Benefits of an MBA

With an MBA, you will gain so much knowledge, skills, and experience - a lot more than if you got a bachelor's degree. An MBA enables you to understand the fundamental essence of the business.

You will move up the career ladder much faster, resulting in a higher level of the first job than if you just settled with a bachelor's degree. You will also earn a higher salary. According to a 2016 study, MBA graduates earned almost twice as much as other graduates in their first job. Additionally, the unemployment rate for MBA graduates is very low.

If you are interested in obtaining an MBA in the UK, get in touch with us here at Right Shift  we will facilitate the entire process.

by Posted 24 June, 2020

The main challenge of studying in the UK is funding. It is imperative to look at options with which to support your studies. Luckily, there are quite a few options – you just need to know where to look!

Here they are:

International Organisations

There are a number of organisations who grant financial aid to students from India, including:


·  The United Nations

·  Soros Foundation

·  World Health Organization

·  World Council of Churches

You must apply while you are in your home country. Due to the high demand for funding, our advice is to start early and plan well.


Some UK colleges and universities offer to fund international students to attract them to their institution. Our advice is to contact the establishment directly to get more information and enquire. A list of universities and colleges that offer funding are as follows:

·  Heriot-Watt SML International Merit Scholarships for Indian Students

·  University of Lincoln India Scholarship

·  University of Oxford Felix Scholarships for Indian Students

·  University of Sheffield

·  British Council GREAT scholarships for Indian Students

·  Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships

·  University of Southampton LLM International Scholarships

·  UWE International Scholarships

·  LSE Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme (CSSS)

·  Ms Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship at St. Antony's College

·  Oxford and Cambridge Society of India (OCSI) Scholarships

·  Sir Ratan Tata Fellowships for South Asian Students at LSE

·  Sussex India Scholarships

Private Organisations

Private organisations in the UK may provide financial aid for students to study in the UK who will then work for that company once they graduate. To start looking for such an organisation, start with these websites.

·  International Scholarships Database

·  International Education Financial Aid

·  International Student Loans

At Right Shift, we understand that the process of studying in the UK can seem overwhelming. That is why we offer a unique service that takes care of everything on your behalf, from start to finish. Get in touch with us today to begin your adventure.

by Posted 24 June, 2020

 Your personal statement is one of the most critical parts of the admission process. This short-written piece is all about demonstrating your skills, knowledge, and experience to succeed in your chosen programme. It is your chance to tell the university why you want to study and why you would make a great student. 

 To write a standout personal statement as a university applicant, you need to know what to include, but more importantly, what to avoid. 


  • Write 400-600 words / 47 lines.

  • Highlight your knowledge of the subject. 

  • Motivate your passion for studying at the university.  

  • Give examples of any related academic or work experience.

  • Do research.

  • Be honest.

  • Be concise.

  • Use positive words and include a confident personal tone.

  • Use clear, plain English.

  • Concentrate on your strengths.

  • Make your voice, ideas, and individuality known. 

  • Check for mistakes. Have as many eyes as you can read through it and then implement the feedback. 



  • Do not copy a personal statement. Universities check every statement using software that detects any plagiarism.

  • Avoid clichés and inspirational quotes.

  • Don’t try to be funny.

  • Don’t share your life story and pour your heart out.

  • Don’t use emoticons, profane, or overly casual language.

  • Don’t lie.

  • Don’t submit a single block of text as that can make your work difficult to read. Plan ahead.

  • Avoid arrogance and negativity.

 Universities appreciate enthusiasm, creativity, problem-solving, self-awareness, sound research, and time management skills. Writing the statement is your chance to sell yourself. So, think carefully about how you want to structure your statement. Take your time. Make as many drafts as you need, but always be honest and sincere while sharing yourself with the universities. 

 We at Right-Shift will answer any questions to ensure that you stand out amongst other applicants.  



by Posted 24 June, 2020

One of the most challenging parts of your academic journey is writing your Thesis. It requires meticulous accuracy. There are many online writing tools to aid with spelling, references, time management, grammar, research, and layout. Here are a few suggestions:

 Docear ­

It may be a struggle to keep your research, post-it notes, and papers organised. Referencing tools are handy to arrange and format references, to easily incorporate them into your essays, research, and most importantly, your Thesis. Docear is such a tool. It offers a unique solution to academic literature management. It will help you organise all your data into an easy-to-use platform. Create documents and convert them to PDF’s. Then use built-in highlighting and comments tools to navigate your way through your research. It is a free open source tool with integrated cloud storage.


This free online bibliography maker will help you complete your bibliography of resources. Choose your style or choice from AP, MLA or Chicago/Turabian, and search your source from a database of millions.


It is vital to choose an appropriate writing software tool for your work. LibreOffice is a free, open-source alternative to Microsoft Office. A clean interface and expansive writing tools will help you unleash your creativity and enhance productivity.

 Ginger Software

When writing your Thesis, it is essential to ensure that it has no grammar or spelling mistakes. For non-native English speakers, it presents a particular challenge. Thankfully, there are many grammar checking software, apps, and sites to assist with this. Ginger Software is an excellent tool

 You need not fret. These are just some of the many tools available to assist you when writing your Thesis. If you would like additional assistance, contact us via email. The Right-Shift team is ready to help you.




by Posted 24 June, 2020

Universities and colleges in the UK offer a lot of options for international students to pursue higher learning qualifications. Providing an environment that has a diversified cultural experience, the UK also offers a wide range of high-ranking institutions for both full-time and part-time study.

Indians make up the largest ethnic minority group living in the UK. With the majority residing in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Glasgow particularly. Most of the top colleges can be found in London, closely followed by Cambridge, Oxford, and Manchester as hotspots.

The types of institutions you have to choose from

Only institutions that provide full-time courses to over 4000 students, of whom 3000 are registered on degree-level courses, may classify themselves as a university in the UK.  At these, you’ll find a plethora of degrees and certificates that serve a number of purposes for different students, including bridging the gap between phases of academic study. Consider all of your academic needs and research an institution that caters to them specifically. Even when you feel that your requirements are unique, you may be surprised by how many colleges, universities, or university colleges that offer just what you need.

The very basic requirements to consider

Although it may vary according to the course you choose, Indian students applying to study in the UK need to meet a minimum language requirement. If you would like to select a course within the humanities stream in class XII, your academic record needs to average a pass rate of 65% and above and 70-80% and above for Science/Commerce stream in class XII. These are only the standard requirements and they may vary with each institution.

You don’t have to stress about settling in

Orientation week events are compulsory for international students at every campus, so it’s important to arrive before it starts. This is when you get introduced to the university or college’s services and enroll for classes. It’s also an opportune time to make some friends before having to navigate academics.